Solar Battery System for Solar Power Day and Night

Solar PV has been around for many years now and the industry has continued to grow inexorably due to the huge savings on your energy bill and Government backed Feed-In Tariff providing homeowners a tax free, 20 year and index linked income guaranteed. Generally, only about half the electricity generated by residential systems is used onsite exporting half back to the grid.

Like a standard solar inverter the storage inverter converts the direct current (DC) from the PV panels to the alternating current (AC) your household appliances use. This hybrid inverter controls a typical 4kW system by directing unused solar power to a charging unit recharging the storage batteries and if they are full access electricity will spill back to the grid.

Solar Battery System

Working with some of the world’s best solar manufacturers Brightstar Energy Systems can stop any energy being spilt back to the grid by installing a battery storage system using lithium battery technology making household power storage a reality. These systems work with your Solar PV system allowing you to use every drop of electricity you generate and maximising the Governments Feed-In Tariff.

In summary

  • Save money on electricity bills by using more of the energy your PV system produces
  • Protect yourself from ever increasing energy price inflation
  • Peace of mind with 10 year battery life expectancy
  • Future proofed modular expandable storage
  • Can be retro fitted to any existing (MCS registered) solar PV system
  • Manufactured by market leaders using cutting edge Lithium batteries
  • Full remote monitoring comes as standard

By working with several manufacturers we can offer you the correct system for your requirements and install sufficient energy storage for you and your family

For more information on how Brightstar Energy can help you with your Solar PV storage system contact us on 01603 858733 or email

Solar Battery System
Solar Battery System

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