Solar Panels for your home

Put simply, Solar PV (Solar electricity) harnesses the energy from the sun to produce electricity, you can then either use the power generated in your home or export any excess back to the grid.

Residential Solar PV
Residential Solar PV
Residential Solar PV

Solar PV was an expensive technology but as the UK market has matured prices have fallen considerably, couple that with the financial support is currently available under the feed-in tariff scheme and the inexorable increase in electricity prices, Solar Panels have never been a better investment for your home.

Return on your investment

Average returns on your investment are between 10 and 15% in year 1 meaning you would cover the money you invested in 8 to 10 years with the feed-in tariff scheme running for 20 years, its index linked and you donít have to declare the money you make to the tax man. For more information on the feed-in tariff scheme please click here.

Installed with minimum fuss

A system can be installed on your roof with the minimum of fuss, you donít have to do anything apart from send off the forms to register for the feed-in tariff scheme after the system is installed, and we do the rest.

Quality equipment

We only use quality equipment and all our installations come with a 10 year warranty which can be extended to 20 years matching the lifespan on the feed-in tariff scheme.

Residential Solar PV
Solar PV from Brightstar Energy
Solar PV from Brightstar Energy
Solar PV from Brightstar Energy

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